Tawergha Foundation

The first requisite of civilization

is that of justice.


The Tawergha Foundation was established to support the Tawergha Youth Organization. We need your support today!


The following objectives are pursued:






Advance the return of the refugees from Tawergha to their village.

Create awareness inside and outside Libya for their situation.

Provide development for the population of Tawergha through training and courses.

Promote employment and self- sufficiency for the people of Tawergha.

Obtain justice and compensation for the victims from Tawergha.

Crimes Against Humanity


Not so long ago Tawergha was a traditional Libyan village located at a green oasis near the city of Misrata.


In 2011, the village was raided by rebels and militiamen from Misrata who humiliated, imprisoned and brutaly tortured 1300 men, many of whom were massacred as they needed black scapegoats for the crimes committed by the regime of Gaddafi during his attempt to end the #feb17 revolution.


The town of Tawergha was ethnically cleansed and the 40,000 inhabitants were violently evicted. Their houses and shops were looted and set on fire and the infrastructure and community buildings destroyed.


Even today in the refugee camps the population of Tawergha are easy targets and fair game. The rebels and militia members have no problem with entering the camps while randomly shooting people without sparing the lives of women and children or the elderly and then abduct boys and men for torture.


For the past years the various Human Rights Organizations have written extensive and outraged reports about their fate but to date, the new regime in Libya and the international community failed to provide security and justice for these people.


We can't understand and will not tolerate that these people have been suffering for many years without hope of returning home.


We are responsible for their situation today as we put them there by assisting the rebels and militiamen with our NATO intervention.


The youth is the future backbone of a society and the youth organization for Tawergha was established for the boys and girls from Tawergha to benefit from advances in Libya so that they can contribute to the rebuilding of their village and country.

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