You can help!

There are many quick & easy ways how you can help the refugees from Tawergha and  ease the pressure on the victims of ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Your contribution as a person, or a boss, or an employee, or a parent or just a caring human being does make a difference!

The Tawergha Foundation doesn’t just reveal the outrage of human rights abuse or the crimes committed against humanity but inspires hope for a better Libya through public action and international solidarity.

We help stop human rights abuses by mobilizing our members and supporters to put pressure on governments, armed groups, companies and intergovernmental bodies.

The Tawergha Foundation provides learning solutions & resources and we enable awareness & reconciliation projects to support the Youth for Tawergha Organization with their development & employment goals.

There are many ways you can help the youth for Tawergha, including making a donation, joining the Friends for Tawergha or taking direct action.

The Stop Torture & Let Them Go Home E-mail Campaign

After multiple succesful email campaigns to thousands of politicians, organizations, embassies, companies and news outlets we have decided to temporary disable this option to give the current Roadmap for reconciliation and peace between Misrata and Tawergha a chance.

Thank you very much for all your effort and support!

Tawergha Foundation Team

Avaaz Campaign: Help the Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing Victims

Sign the online Avaaz Petition and ask the United Nations to take action and advance & support the return to Tawergha. Enough is Enough. Let Them Go Home Now!

Sign the Return to Tawergha Petition
sign this petition to let them go home now

Linkedin Campaign: Laptop for Youth Development

Donate your old laptop and we'll pick it up & turn it into an educational platform for the Youth for Tawergha Organization.

Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, Symantec & Worknets have kindly provided all licenses for the  IT Training & E-learning Program and we will enroll all the hardware you provide with new operating systems and educational software.

If you have an old laptop capable of running Windows 7 then please send us a message and we will make an appointment to fetch it when it suits you. (NL only)

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Latest Campaign News

We have posted the current results for the running campaigns below.

Friends For Tawergha Campaign

Last week we added more then 50 New Friends For Tawergha to the Special Thank You Page!

Let Them Go E-mail Campaign

The e-mail messages, scripts and mailing lists are ready to go so give it a try and  let us know if we should change anything at all.

Avaaz Campaign For Tawergha

The Avaaz For Tawergha Campaign is up and running. It's quick, easy and sends a crystal clear message.

Linkedin Laptop Campaign

Spare them your old laptop and we'll collect it, flush the drives and enroll them with a new OS and educational software for the Tawergha Youth Development Program.

Special Thank You!

We have created a Special Thank You Page for all those people and organizations who provided this foundation the means and resources to help the Youth from Tawergha.

Friends For Tawergha Campaign
Libya Tawergha E-mail Campaign
Libya Tawergha Avaaz Action Stop Torture
Libya Tawergha Linkedin Laptop Campaign
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